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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the free trial work?

For 14 days you get full access to all of GorillaDesk’s features—no credit card required.

Once your trial period is over, you will be billed for the plan that you select as the best fit for your team.

When you’re nearing the end of your trial we’ll send you a reminder to enter your billing information to ensure uninterrupted service. You can enter your billing information on your account billing page.

If your account does expire before you enter your billing information don’t worry, nothing will be deleted. You can access your account billing page to enter your info and continue using the software.

Are there any commitments or contracts?

There are no commitments or contracts.

If you sign up for GorillaDesk’s monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. If you sign up for an annual subscription, you are billed for the entire year at the start of your subscription.

There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade or downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused.

Can I change plans?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. You can downgrade your plan at the end of your current billing cycle—month-to-month or annual. Visit your account billing page to change plans.

How do I know which plan is best for my business?

Our plans are built to offer you the most commonly required feature needs based on your company size. We’ve created a helpful table to help you compare plan features.

Try GorillaDesk First, Pick a Plan Later

All the features, all the support, and no credit card required.

What software does GorillaDesk integrate with?

GorillaDesk directly integrates with QuickBooks Online and Stripe.

Which merchant processors are supported?

Stripe is the only merchant processor supported at this time.

The reason we chose Stripe: it enables you to save 1 customer credit card on file. You can charge this card at any time since it’s linked to the customer’s account in GorillaDesk.

Stripe only charges a fee when you process a payment at 2.9% +30 cents. There are no other fees.

Is there a cost to moving my data from another system?

You can move your data from another system at no charge; we will even assist you with the entire process.

GorillaDesk allows you to import general customer information with a starting balance. You can not import complete past service & billing history.

Still have questions?

"I still cannot believe how easy this software is. I hired an employee last week and she was able to work in GorillaDesk by herself on the very first day."

Taveya Mitchell, Owner @ Capitol Pest Management

Ready to Get Started?

Get all our amazing features and top-rated support, with no credit card required.

Ready to Get Started?

Get all our amazing features and top-rated support, with no credit card required.